The Game

Good rogue-like FPS with permanent death, random generation, black humour, professional voice-overs and complex RPG system with many unique items to find? You can call it dream, we call it Killing Room.

Permanent death lets you enjoy more

We don’t want to torture you but in some games, death is necessary to unravel all of its secrets and qualities. Killing Room is one of those games where one run is not enough. We put a lot of effort into gameplay possibilities based on items you find but in one game, you can only find fraction of all items. We combined fast paced shooter with more complex elements and random generation to make sure you will enjoy every try.

Short life of reality show contestant in 22nd century

Decadent society of 22nd century is very polarized – great wealth or great poverty, nothing between. And most popular form of entertainment for rich is? Watching poor die. But don’t worry, they die willingly and happily because Killing Room is the only way to gain wealth and enjoy life from the other side, death watching while hysterically laughing side.

There is only one way to survival but probability of winning is small. You will send many desperate people into pits of hell before you finish the game but there is always enough of volunteers.

RPG elements

Random generation starts with characters. It means you cannot decide who you will be playing with. Name, height, weight and other things will be determined by pure luck. Differences can be really huge but you can alter character stats with our RPG system. You can increase many stats, for example Speed, Stamina, Max Health, Accuracy and so on.

Apart from increasing stats via money (of course you can buy everything with money, it is future people!!!), there are Items, real game changers. Better Items will have lower probability of dropping from crates or dead enemies but they will sometimes reward you with unique possibilities like double-jump, x-ray vision, “auto-heal” and other cool stuff.

Gore TV

Killing Room is fictional reality show produced by fictional entertainment company Gore TV. Living in future is very hard for regular people because human work has nearly no value, apart from celebrities, company owners and people working as “slaves” who are willing to do things that even machines refuse. Watching Gore TV is only for rich people who can afford monthly fees (it costs 300 dollars a month while average salary in future is around 150 dollars a month and this average is unattainable for 90 % of citizens). All rich people watch Killing Room and most even bet significant amounts of money on “how will next contestant die” or “how long will he survive” or “how loud (in dB) will be his dying scream”.

While there is only really small chance of victory and survival, Killing Room is even more popular among poor contestants than rich audience. There is 10:1 ratio between those interested in participating and subscribers. Also, there is 1000:1 ratio between corpses and winners.

Game will be available this winter

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